Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Childhood Obesity

As a member of the NAACP ( I want to inform everybody I know about a problem facing today's youth. That problem is obesity! The NAACP and Michelle Obama are some of the major forces leading the fight against childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is a leading problem in African American communities. What are the factors? As an advertising major, I would argue that it has a lot to do with the advertisements. Just browse through an Ebony magazine and compare those food ads to the food ads in a People magazine. Notice anything? Food advertisements target us especially with terrible food products. Not to mention cheaper food is usually unhealthier and African Americans are suffering from unemployment rates higher than any other race in the country. Childhood obesity is directly related to our geography and socio-economical statuses as well. How do we fix this? Well here is a start: answer the questions to the survey at the website posted below... this is the start. The NAACP is working towards uniting a group of activist to fight for change in public school lunches and the governments who also play in this epidemic. Parents are not supposed to bury their children, but if we don't start making healthier choices a lot more will... CLICK THE LINK

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Celeb Look Alike

If I love anybody as much as I love Solange it is Kelis. Even though I think I was heartbroken more than I should have been when her and Nas divorced, Kelis never looked like she was depressed. To this day she is the trend setter in the industry. And unlike Rihanna and Beyonce, I honestly think Kelis has the most influence on what she wears. Even when she first came off she was what most people saw as weird. When Rihanna and Beyonce came out they were def not the fashion icons they are now. Kelis has been running the game. Here is a recent pic of her. I am always happy when people tell me we look alike. I love her!


Found this picture of Solange on and re-fell in love with Solange, if that makes any sense. Here she is wearing an $159 shirt called "The Oxford" tucked in some distressed jeans with chunky heels. So, you know me... I went to the thrift store and found the closest shirt I could find like that one she has one and I can't wait to pair it with my own Steve Madden chunky heels. If only I could shop in Solange's closet for one day... I love her! Obsessed much? I think I might put some bushy tracks back in my hair too! =p

Monday, September 19, 2011



No decision has been made on whether Troy Davis will be granted another chance of life. Tons of people and groups are petitioning his death sentence scheduled for this Wednesday, September 21st including the NAACP and Russell Simmons. I personally think this should be the number one trending topic for any person of color because if the U.S. kills this man in two days for a crime that they don't have any evidence for who is to say you are not next? Casey Anthony got off for "LACK OF EVIDENCE", but a black man is still scheduled to be killed by lethal injection in two days. Please get it trending and stay informed people. Sign a online petition or call the number!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LOCKstar Barbie

This is the only Barbie [other than Nicki Minaj] that I have fell absolutely in love with her. Other than her blue eyes, her chocolate skin, thick black locks and amazing bone structure is to die for. This doll is the prettiest doll I have ever seen, and if my children are into dolls (a toy I won't buy unless they ask for) I hope their will plenty of dolls similar to this one on the racks of Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us. Even her lipstick is popping. I found this picture on somebody's TUMBLR, but believe me when I say I would pay a pretty penny for a doll like this.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Obsession Continues

My updates would not be complete if I did not randomly throw a picture of the love of my life Solange. In this pic, she is color blocking. Color blocking is definitely the trend of the summer and of course I love how she did it. Who am i kidding, I love all things Solange, so I guess I'm biased lol. Still keeping it very trill. Loving those Poetic Justice braids too. LOVE YOU SOLANGE. From you Solangel Bre =) #TeamSolange

Positivity, Growth, Woman Hood

After reading Russell Simmon's Super Rich I have challenged myself to become a more positive person and work on making myself happier everyday. Simmon's proclaims pursuing your own happiness is the only way to be truly Super Rich and he says one becomes truly happy when they make others happy. He also correlates physical well being with mental well being. For example, if your throat hurt, it maybe because you always have something negative to say. If you have acne, it may be a result of constant bursts of anger. It was endless FOOD FOR THOUGHT in the book and I would recommend it to anybody. Some things straight out the book I intend to incorporate into my life are
  1. More meditation (using the mantra NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO)
  2. More prayer
  3. More charitable work
  4. More positivity/peacefulness
  5. Healthier diet
  6. Yoga
I do believe that happiness is our one true purpose of life and that is the only way you can feel wealthy. You don't have to be financially super rich to feel super rich. So, look out for the new, happier me! I will be planting seeds of positivity everywhere and I am sure I will reap what I sow. You attract what you put out right?! #BasicLawsofScience