Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Hair... WTF is that??

All my life I have been told you got good hair, but why you don't do nothing with it? My question to the world is what the heck is good hair? Does it curl up when it is wet? Is it natural? Is it straight and long? Is it manageable or kinky when it is wet? I mean I don't believe there is a such thing a good hair. Now I do think there are textures more favorable than others, but anyone can achieve good hair. Now I am not with the whole go natural thing because I think the bush is not for everybody. For example you can't have a bush but have on fake eye lashes and all this make up because then your not so natural after all. However, if that's you than hey. #dontjudge. I like dreads if they are well kept. I hate dreads that are 300 different colors ii think that's ghetto. I like short cuts and long hair, but I have yet to identify one specific hair type as good hair!