Saturday, March 27, 2010

My New Angel Jordan DeAnthony Howe

Last week I recieved terrible news early on Monday morning March 22, 2010. Around 1 am my friend Jordan Howe was gunned down in front of his apartment building jumping in front of his cousin to protect him. Jordan was a 20 year old from Southeast D.C. and very fun to be around. He was outspoke and crazy and left an impact on anybody he met I am 100 percent sure. He was an outstanding athlete [boxing and basketball] and he could dress his butt off. He had a smile that could light up the room. In 12th grade I took him to my senior homecoming and we shut shit down. He had on his glasses and gucci boots and we looked so good together. We talked on the fone for hours when we were talking and of course fell off. But I ran into him a lot in gogos and out in the streets. I will never forget him. Everything I do now I do it in remembrance of him. I cried for a few days about Jordan but I keep hearing him say in his voice "dont do that baby not tonite dont do that". I hope Jordan is sleeping peacefully and I hope he has seen his friends again that he had tatted on his hand Darrin && D.Carter. And I need him to save me a spot until we meet again. I LOVE YOU JORDAN