Monday, June 27, 2011


UMMMM, what's the most eloquent way to say HOT GHETTO MESS. Well when ya'll figure out... let me know. This years BET awards were just that. From Tiffany Green being effed over by the teleprompter... to Kelly Rowland's epic fail at lip syncing, the BET awards were 2 steps back for black people as a unit. Ever since Debra Lee took over BET, the network has just done nothing, but make African Americans look bad. From Keyshia Cole's show about her crackhead mother and baby booming sister to Toya Carter's show about the same exact shit! -__-. I am sick of BET. Where are the shows that educate and uplift and show the world that not all black people are ignorant, on drugs, or uneducated. And if Steve Harvey gets another lifetime achievement award... I might die. Steve Harvey has sooooo much wisdom right? But when did this wisdom come right after he cheated on his wife for ten years! Byeeeee. The best performance was no other than Mrs. Beyonce and she wasn't even there! Even though the award show was extremely disappointing BIG SEAN made me proudddddddddddddd. I love him more and more each day!