Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Locks of Love

Many people have told me dreads and tattoos will hinder success in corporate America. My response is just being a BLACK WOMAN will hinder my success in corporate America, so what! Black people always raise their children to grow up, go to school and find a good job. Well, I do not plan on working for the racist government of this country or anybody for that long. I want to go into business for myself. So, if I want to tatt my face [which I would never do], so be it. I read articles everyday about racism in America. Just today, Georgia senators wrote in an act that would make people on probation pick fruit and vegetables. 60% of the people on parole in Atlanta are minorities, thus that is nothing, but modern day slavery! So, I am living in a country that is built and designed for me to fail anyways... This is my body, my temple, and I will decorate it however I want. DREAD LOCKS AND TATTOOS AND JUSTICE FOR EVERYBODY. HA!